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Capacity Building

Douglas Valley Community offers 2 strands of capacity building support to organisations.

  • Pre-capacity Building Support  – this strand will suit small groups that have limited resources and new groups starting up.  The focus will likely be on establishing governance structures and processes, setting up the appropriate legal structures.
  • Core Capacity Building Support – this strand will suit most voluntary organisations that are keen to build on their strengths and improve their capacity by strengthening existing structures and processes.  The focus will likely be on closing any capacity gaps in the key areas of organisational development and helping organisations develop appropriate strategies for growth and sustainability.

Douglas Valley Community has developed a Diagnostic Toolkit to assess the level of support organisations may need to  build their structures, systems, people and skills to help them achieve their objectives. The Diagnostic focuses around key areas of organisational capacity:

  • Constitution and Legal Structure
  • Governance Structure and Processes
  • Business and Action Planning
  • Funding
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Partnership and Networking

Please contact us for more detailed information