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Community Asset Transfer

Douglas Valley Community is working in partnership with Wigan Council as part of The Deal  to provide independent support to organisations who wish to apply for an asset through Wigan Councils’ Community Asset Transfer process.

What is Community Asset Transfer?

Community Asset Transfer is the transfer of an asset (land, building or structure) owned by a public body to community/voluntary groups or social enterprises, but can include commercial businesses in some cases. It is a voluntary process entered into proactively by public bodies. The transfer can be affected in different ways e.g. through a short or long term lease or, in exceptional circumstances, outright ownership. In general this means that an organisation who acquires an asset via Community Asset Transfer becomes responsible for running, managing, and maintaining the asset, including all the associated costs, from the

What is involved in Community Asset Transfer?

If you are interested in the running and management of council services or facilities, it would mean you take the responsibility for the building or service including any ongoing repairs, maintenance and daily management of the building would be transferred to your organisation.

Community Asset Transfer Support

Douglas Valley Community has developed a Diagnostic Toolkit and self-help Diagnostic to help organisations, groups and enterprises to assess whether they are ‘ready’ for asset transfer.

Who can use this diagnostic?

  • Existing community or voluntary organisations looking to acquire an asset from the council from which to grow and develop their services within a particular neighbourhood or community area
  • Social and community enterprises seeking to strengthen their ‘asset base’ and develop new income generating opportunities.

How to use this diagnostic

It is a self-help tool consisting of a range of questions that focus on the Governance, Financial and Management status of your organisation. It helps to build up a picture of your organisation and its ability to apply and take over the management of an asset.   The Diagnostic will help to identify areas where organisation may need tailored support.  Douglas Valley Community can offer capacity building support to your organisation – this can range from Organisational Capacity Building, Supporting Volunteers, Business Planning.